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1. What can we expect to see and experience in Victoria and on Vancouver Island? The links on the right will give you all the information you need and then some. Victoria and the Island is a magnificent place.- the reason why so many people who have travelled the world do their darndest to try and live here (we fortunately have succeeded). It is still on the edge of the "wild" and escape to unique and tranquil places "off the beaten path" is still possible .

2. How do we get there? The Map on the right shows Victoria and Vancouver Island in regional perspective. Note that Victoria is easily accessed from Seattle and Vancouver, the two closest major cities. Refer to the Links below this map for transport here by air, bus and ferries.

3. What's the weather like? Many people do not know that Victoria and the Island recieve less rainfall during the summer than most other areas of Canada. If it were not for irrigation, our lawns and gardens would not be the attraction they are. Just come expecting lots of sunshine and temperatures in the comfy 20 deg C. or 70 degree F. range from June to the end of September. Bring a sweater for sailing however, as cool ocean waters (10 deg C. - 50 degree. F.) on a breezy day can surprise. And don't be worried if your hotel does not have air conditioning, an open window generally sufices. For a good website describing the weather you can expect while here Click! For an overview of weather any month 0f the year - Click!

4. How many persons do you take on trips? We take a maximum of 12 persons on our vessel (not including any guides and non paying support persons.

5. How fit must one be to go on our Giant Canoe tours? We have taken all ages and nearly all fitness levels aboard our vessel. The main requirement is having the physical dexterity (and mental presence) to transfer to our inflatable from the dock and then to transfer to and fro the Giant Canoe from this inflatable. Bear in mind that you will be assisted by our crew in doing this. Unless you are wheel-chair bound or are a large person and /or cannot raise your leg a couple of feet you will have trouble getting into and out of our Canoe.

6. Are there toilet facilities on board our vessel? No, but there are full toilet facilities we can access at Gyro Park within 45 minutes on our short 2 hour trip and within 6o minutes on our longer 4 hour tour trip to Discovery island (where there is a pit privy adjacent our landing area on this Island).

7. What kind of clothing whould we bring? Even on a hout sunny day, out on the water it may be breezy if not chilly at times (as our ocean waters stay an even 8 to 10 deg. C. all year round). Bring a warm jacket , and dress in layers. A hat that won't blow away is a good idea, as are sun glasses. There is plenty of room to store items . For our longer trips, a small day pack that you can easily slip on your back is a good idea (you will have to take it off your back when being transported in our inflatable

8. What happens if it rains? Our vessel has a "sunbrella" roof which provides protection from the rain and the sun. We also carry a few extra rain jackets and ponchos for those who may not have brought along any special rain gear for when we land on Discovery Island. On the plus side, the Oak Bay area is the driest part of victoria (if not Canada) and if the unsual happens and it rains during the summer, it will seldom amount to more than a light drizzle.

9. Where can I get more information and answers? Call us any evening (250) 508-1981 or better still, E-mail . We would be glad to answer any further questions you may have.